Midwestern drought affects farm prices: Should corn only be produced for food.

  • Yes, corn should only be produced for food.

    Corn production should be strictly for food consumption, not ethanol production. Ethanol is not that good of a fuel source. Many do not like to purchase gasoline with ethanol in it. Therefore, given the higher farm prices due to drought conditions in the Midwest, corn should only be produced for food consumption. This would help alleviate the high price of food at the grocery store.

  • Yes I support Columbus Day

    Christopher Columbus wasn’t the first to make trade between the Old and New World with the trades between the Old and New World there became more cops, animals and increase population. Didn’t make the voyage we might not be as advanced today (www.Debate.Org/opinions/shoud-columbus-day-be-celebrated). “We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Columbus. He did what many told him he couldn’t. Discover the new world.”
    “Once again, it’s time to celebrate Columbus Day. Yet, the stunning truth is if Christopher Columbus were alive today, he would put on trial for crimes against humanity.” Columbus was a cruel person because sexual slavery, cut off body parts, and forced natives to work for him. Columbus cruelty was part of that time. His discovery of the New World brought trade and settlers. “ Some of the world’s most stable democracies exist as a result of this transformative process.”



  • Other uses are important.

    In the end, there is enough food at the end of the day. People also need corn for energy. There is a big push for other forms of energy, and it's important that scientists can develop corn energy if they want to. Sometimes prices rise and people make adjustments in appropriate ways.

  • Corn can be produced for whatever needs are out there.

    No, corn doesn't have to be produced just for food. It can be grown for fuel, and perhaps it can be used for fibers in clothes, buildings, and so on. In time, economics and demand will regulate what farmers do. It could be that they'll choose to grow other crops.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    The price of corn is a critical variable in the world food equation, and food markets are on edge because American corn supplies are plummeting. The combination of the drought and American ethanol policy will lead in many parts of the world to widespread inflation, more hunger, less food security, slower economic growth and political instability, especially in poor countries.

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