Mila Kunis revealed the night her relationship with Ashton Kutcher turned romantic. Do we care too much about celebrities' intimate details?

  • We are too involved in a celebrity culture.

    I believe that our society is far too concerned with the intimate details of celebrities lives. Celebrities give society a chance to focus on something fun, lighthearted and somewhat trivial amidst the many negative and disheartening things that go on in our world every single day. While celebrities do offer an entertaining distraction, it is important that we don't forget the issues and happenings that actually impact our daily lives, our safety, our security and our well-being. We should be far more aware and involved in these issues.

  • We do care too much about celebrities and their lives

    Not only do we care too much about the lives of celebrities, we value their 'abilities' far too much. Why don't we concentrate our time, attention and money on our own families and lives? Perhaps if we took a more active role in matters that are truly important instead of what is happening between the pages of The Enquirer, our country would be in better shape.

  • Too many people care far too much!

    I don't understand why people obsess over the lives of TV stars. It doesn't help your own problems, and in fact may make them worse as you compare yourself to somebody who's rich and famous. I don't mind if Kunis wants to share her stories, but it's a little ridiculous that people are hanging on every word.

  • Yes, They see celebrity as an achievement, although all you have to do nowadays is flash your silicone boobs at the world and you're a international icon and multi-millionaire. It's very depressing.

    It seems to be a disease that afflicts people these days, they would rather be aware of Jennifer Anistons broken nail or how Jordan is getting her hair done than know anything about the world they live in. What also makes me laugh is that there are television programs showing you the opulence that the pharaohs and others lived in and these dim wits can't see how the great and the good of today that they idolise have pretty much a similar lifestyle, earning thousands of pounds for doing nothing with millions in the bank.

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