• Yes, most police officers are doing their jobs correctly

    Yes, most police officers are doing their jobs correctly. Most people only hear about officers when they do something wrong. This does not mean that the majority of police officers are bad or doing something wrong. Most police officers are good officers who have respect for their jobs and try to do it well.

  • Most police are doing their jobs right

    Most police are doing their jobs right. I am sick of the mainstream media acting as if police who acted in self-defense are wrong. If a person brandishes a gun, swinging it around at police, the police should defend themselves. We need to stop acting like street criminals are innocent kids that the police just purposely victimize.

  • Police have an impossibly difficult job

    Police are doing their jobs right for the most part. Although some mistakes are inevitably made in the highly-charged environment, police are generally doing a good job in the face of close scrutiny. Police are expected to remain professional in the presence of constant insults and abuse while protecting the public. Thank a police officer for doing their jobs today.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    The statistics suggest that it would be a truly rare situation if the Milwaukee officer was convicted of a crime. But this is essentially the context behind the violence and riots: Police shot and killed someone. There are racial disparities in these police shootings. And police officers are almost never prosecuted for the shootings. It in no way justifies violence, but it is why people are so furious about the circumstances of a police shooting we know very little about.

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