• Beauty Pageants Are Sexist and Degrading to Women

    Beauty pageants support the beauty standard that women are held to in society. The women (and even children) are judged based on their appearance rather than their intelligence or anything else. It's degrading and teaches women and children to hate their bodies. It's completely sexist. I also think that men shouldn't be able to judge the pageants.

  • Yes, I do.

    I base my answer only on the fact that I have never seen a natural beauty win any beauty pageants. The winners always have to be sexy to men's expectations and with ridiculous bodies that have been starved of food. I think that beauty pageants are very sexist and need a change.

  • Beauty pageants are sexist

    Beauty pageants are sexist. It objectifies women, who are judged solely on their beauty. Although there are other facets to the competition, most men watch and remember the swimsuit portion. There are no plus sized women in the Miss America competition, sending the signal that men's idea of beauty is a skinny model.

  • Why do we need them?

    I used watch these pageants eagerly as a kid and now they bore me to tears. It's the same canned answers to the same canned questions. All the contestants want to save the world when in reality all they want is a fat bank balance. I wish there was a sarcastic beauty pageant, so many people would enjoy it.

  • Yes, they are.

    Beauty pagents are design around the archaic idea that a women's beauty is more valuable than her brains. They are sexist by nature, and the atmosphere that surrounds pagents is not much less sexist. Women are judged harshly and their self esteem often suffers when they do poorly in these events.

  • There is nothing sexist about beauty pageants.

    The claim of "it objectifies women", "men' expectations, "beauty more valuable than brains" is nothing more than SJW drivel and politically corrected stupidity. The sexist implied the prejudice and discrimination based on sex, so where is the discrimination against women in the beauty pageants? Nothing at all, because it's a freaking contest in where most beautiful woman win! In fact, we already have our male version of beauty pageants!

    Let me ask you: Are the Olympics prejudiced and discriminated against the slow, weak and fatties? Nope, it's a contest of the fittest. If they don't like it then they should build the contest for ugliest pageants and non-fittest, lol.

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Wolfram says2016-09-14T04:31:46.200
Sexist? Naaaaaaaah, baby.