Miss Cleo dies at 53-years old: Can a person possess true psychic abilities?

  • This a question of possibilities + what do you feel.

    Understanding and knowledge are not "static". When an entity learns that entity increases its personal knowledge. Later it would be hoped that the newly learned knowledge will be turned into understanding.

    I personally have expierenced feelings of intepersonal "connection", like being aware of someone in the room without otherwise being able sense (see, hear etc) them. Many little things that have made relationships more comfortable that I cannot "rationally" explain, these may easiy, have been drowned out, due to the hubub of life.

    I, like most, have not learnt, trained or even believed in "psychic abilities", so I have no idea if I might have an untapped ability or not.

    To dismiss what you don't understand does yourself a great injustice!

  • Yes, a person can have true psychic abilities

    The possession of psychic abilities is not fully understood, but there are many people who have higher levels of perception and awareness. It is a unique skills that needs to be further researched. Psychic skills have been proven to help police departments and investigators so there are many reasons to support the study of psychic abilities.

  • Nobody possesses true psychic abilities

    Nobody possesses true psychic abilities, least of all Miss Cleo. Head this woman Had such abilities she would've predicted the day of her own death. Now, I have to hand it to her for being a shrewd businesswoman and reeling in a host of suckers to make her a financial fortune. PT Barnum was right all along.

  • No, people must use logic and reason to make predictions.

    No, people do not possess psychic abilities. I believe that people can pay attention to patterns of behavior from other people and use this understanding to make predictions. I also believe that by understanding patterns of behavior and using logic to understand how different things relate, it is possible sometimes to provide accurate guesses about the future.

  • People do not possess true psychic abilities

    In general, I think that psychic abilities are mostly a scam. I do think it's possible that some people might be more intuitive to understand life circumstances, but I believe most psychics do not really possess any special powers. It is not possible to truly predict the future. We can make predictions and I think psychics are able to make general enough predictions that people start to believe they have real powers. But the future is not set in stone. No one can really look into the future and tell us what will happen in our lives.

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