MIT scientists develop groundbreaking new WiFi that's three-times faster. Do we need faster Internet service?

  • We need faster internet service

    The three-times faster WiFi developed by MIT scientists is needed. For individuals, the increase in speed and range will be nice to have, but not necessary. Improved WiFi range can improve education in rural towns that supply free WiFi to poor students from trucks. Improved WiFi speed and range can help U.S. doctors who consult via the Internet with doctors in remote African villages, saving lives.

  • Faster internet improves many businesses

    The majority of working people in the United States now depend on reliable internet access to perform their jobs. The global economy is increasingly competitive and workers must be able to multitask and complete their jobs as quickly as possible. Faster internet access helps them do that and maintain their income.

  • Faster Internet service is needed

    Faster Internet service is needed. MIT scientists are developing groundbreaking new WiFi that's three-times faster than what is current available. There is more data that is becoming available online, and it requires a fast connection. Currently, service is inconsistent. A faster service will increase worker productivity and make the experience more enjoyable.

  • No, faster wifi speed is not necessary and would lead to a further collapse of society.

    Society as it is today is so obsessed with technology that by simply introducing faster WiFi speed, that you would see social interaction collapse at a substantial rate. As it is people flock to locations simply to receive WiFi for their cellular devices and by increasing that speed the demand for it would become even higher.

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