Moby: 'Pop music is a dying industry.' Do you agree?

  • Pop music is dead. It doesn’t even deserve to be called music.

    I like many genres, such as classical, rock (Older rock, though.) jazz, blues, ska... But the point is, pop music is awful. The songs are all the same, and are made so on purpose. They're all about love, the lyrics are uncreative, and the 'singers', if they can even be considered singers, have no talent whatsoever.

    The problem is, the twelve-year-old girls that listen to this garbage don’t even know that the songs are all made the same on purpose to gain popularity. I myself cannot even distinguish one pop song from another, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same with pop fans, who don’t care, because "Their friends" are listening to it and like it, and therefore they must like it too or they're 'weird'.

    In conclusion, pop music is bad, it doesn’t even deserve to carry the title 'music', and shouldn’t be considered a genre, as it is an insult to music itself.

  • Yes, pop music is a dying industry

    I do believe that the pop industry is dying. I believe that pop music was the 90's and now it just isn't what it used to be. There are small spurts of very large pop stars now from time to time, but it is so inconsistent. I believe that the pop industry is slowly starting to dwindle away.

  • Pop music is as alive as ever!

    Pop music is alive and well! Turn on the radio and scan through the stations. Many of them play pop music. Go to itunes and look at the top songs or albums purchased and you will see that many are from pop artists. Go to a pop artist's concert and check out the stadium- often sold out. There is no way pop music is dying!

  • Pop music is popular AF

    Pop music is so popular right now, look at the popular pop music videos on YouTube, the singers publish a good song every now and then. Also, look at their views.They're usually like over 100000 views even if it got published a few weeks ago. I listen to it every day and it never died because that's just the music I think I like the most.

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