• No, the Clinton scandal won't end.

    There are always individuals who are looking for ways to attack those in power. The Clinton email scandal is just another example of this. As long as Hilary Clinton is trying to gain power, the scandals will continue. She is also an easy target fort his sort of thing because her past is not very clean.

  • More Clinton emails uncovered this scandal never seems to end.

    More Clinton emails uncovered, this scandal never seems to end. As long as some questions are asked and some form of legal action is not taken Clinton's emails would always be the subject of much discussion and criticism. Now, as a Presidential candidate Clinton's past emails seem to be a major problem for the federal office.

  • No, this email scandal will never end.

    No, this email scandal will never end because of Clinton's position in the public eye. Because people do not agree with his politics, some will look for any reason to tear her down. While this email scandal is not the worst, is something and people who dislike her will cling to anything no matter how frivolous.

  • No, this scandal is not likely to end.

    The Hillary Clinton email scandal will not likely end. Clinton's political opponents will always want to use it against her. Also, national security officials will be concerned about the threats that using a private email server created against the United States. However, many Americans are likely to forget about this scandal like they have forgotten about so many other Clinton scandals in the past.

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