Most Welfare dollars don't go to the poor according to recent studies. Is there a problem with the welfare system in the United States?

  • Yes, the welfare system needs to be improved.

    The welfare system is subject to abuse for many reasons. One problem is that people who do not need or qualify for assistance have learned how to lie on application forms and get the funds. Prosecutors need to go after those who receive benefits fraudulently. Letting people get away with abusing the system only corrupts the system further.

  • Yes, there is a problem with U.S. welfare

    Welfare accomplish two things in this country. First, it should help the poor people with the basics of living such as food, shelter and clothing. Second, it should be temporary. A working welfare system does not make their citizens reliant on the help. It should simply be a step up when fallen on hard times. The U.S. welfare system fails to do both. Therefore, there is definitely a problem with the welfare system in the United States.

  • Of course there is, it's run terribly

    When government runs something, this is what you get. A hugely inefficient process that doesn't actually help the people that it's supposed to be helping. The country needs to move to some sort of flat tax prebate or UBI and eliminate the thousands of paper-pushing jobs that stand in the way of helping the American people.

  • Yes, the welfare system is not monitored adequately.

    While the welfare system evolved from a lofty ideal, it has devolved into a system of disarray due to mismanagement. In theory, welfare is a great idea--those who have provide for those who have not, often due to things outside of their control. However, this is not how welfare operates in practice. In practice, welfare does not provide relief simply for those who have run into financial trouble due to no fault of their own, but also to those who continue to remain in a welfare state despite their ability to improve their own lives. This is what makes the welfare system in the U.S. inherently flawed, and what must be altered. Although many have suggested drug testing is the solution to this problem, much more is needed to solve this problem, such as employers that are willing to hire employees, train them, build them up as employees and as people, and support them in life.

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