Mother drowns after saving 2 year-old son from lake: Should like jackets be mandatory on all watercraft, at all national state park lakes?

  • Life jackets should be mandatory at all national state park lakes.

    By making life jackets mandatory for anyone aboard a watercraft at national state park lakes, it ensure an added safety measure to all guests. Incidents such as a mother drowning saving her son could be avoided if the proper safety measures are implemented. Furthermore, the cost of implementing these measures would definitely be worth it when considering how many potential lives could be saved.

  • Life jackets should be mandatory on all watercraft

    From 2005-2014, there are about 10 non-boating drownings a day in the United States. The mother who drowned saving her 2-year-old son in Lake Powell in Utah is just the latest incident to hit the headlines. Just as seat belts have dramatically reduced automobile deaths, life jackets can save most of those lives. They should be mandatory on all watercraft and on all state and federal lakes.

  • Life jackets should be mandatory at national parks

    Life jackets should be mandatory at all national and state parks for those that are going on any type of watercraft. It is better to take preventive action rather than being sorry later. A mother of a 2 year old drowned after saving her two year old son from a lake. Life jackets likely would have prevented this tragedy.

  • More laws is not the answer

    Every time a tragedy like this happens, people clamor for more laws. However, there's no reason to make these people criminals when they're just trying to enjoy a day out on the lake. Imagine if this had gone the other way and the boy had drowned and the mother lived. You're telling me that on top of all of her guilt and pain, you want to also arrest her? That's ridiculous.

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