• They Suffer For us

    Mothers are angels bc they go throught hell just to bring us to this world. They are our gateway to life and that's makes them better than angels. They go through weakness and hardship upon weakness and hardship JUST TO GIVE US LIFE. While men just shove their d*cks up women and wait for 9 months for their child who they give their name. Mothers basically get nothing out of this all. Yet they still love you.

  • Not all mothers are angels!

    This is a very sexist question and it disgusts me! There are some mothers who abide their children and neglect them! There are some mothers who sexually abuse their sons and/or daughters! There are some mothers who do drugs! There are some mothers who are alcoholics! There are some mothers who cheat on their spouse and have sex with other men and/or women! There are some mothers who assault their children! There are some mothers who don't give a f**k about their children at all! All of this can be said for some fathers too! So NO, mothers are not angels! Fathers are not pigs and criminals! Not all mothers are angels! There are lots of fathers who are angels! STOP it with the sexism! I want gender equality, not gender inequality!

  • Not all mothers.

    In order to vote yes, I feel I would have to agree that the overwhelming majority of mothers are 'angels', meaning great, I think. While the majority are wonderful, I see regularly the darker side of humanity, the underbelly no one really wants to know about. Or talk about. There are a large minority of mothers, like any other group, who are most definitely not "angels".

  • Lol no no.

    The image of 'angel' for mothers is a false assumption. There are many mothers that abuse, threaten and violate their children both physically and mentally and sexually. If we take this assumption as a reality instead of a desire, mothers who are violent will not be noticed most of the time. They also can get away if they cheat their husband if we see them as angels. This 'angel' image also trivializes fathers' value in family, in the eyes of his children and also in the eyes of society, which is not a good thing.

    Mothers are not angels, but they should act like one.

  • No, they aren't.

    They certainly aren't literally angels in that they have wings and a halo.
    They're also not always metaphorically angels by which you presumably mean very good, kind people- for instance, my mother's mother stabbed my mother's father in front of her as a child.
    Pushing another human out of your female anatomy doesn't always mean you're a good person.

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