Movies with violence and bad language should never been shown in tv

Asked by: Silverleedaiel
  • In my views showing violence and crime should not be allowed in films and on television.

    There is a long lasting effect of media on the people especially children and youth. "what we see is what we learn. " so violent activities and horrendous acts and crime should not be shown on TV. It is a habit of human beings to easily adopt the wrong things and keep themselves away from good deeds. They will try to imitate those acts which is what actually happening today's newspapers are full of the news of chain snatching, riots, murder, etc etc.

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  • Violence is a matter of life

    Violene and course language films are entertainment and you take that away from tv what do you think society will do. Well there will probably be fight clubs and thungs like that to find entainment with violence.
    What we see and hear doesnt matter but what we do depends solely on the individal

  • Of Course They Should

    They should air on age appropriate channels, like FX or AMC, but nonetheless, they should be shown.
    I can understand some editing, like bleeping out the f word or hiding shots of naked women, but banning them from the airways total is not the answer. Instead, parents should simply tell their kids not to watch it.

  • Why do people really want to censor everything?

    Why should adults be forced to watch kids shows because children or teens decide to watch a show that's doesn't target their audience? Guess what? Most shows (including children shows) have some form of violence. Doing this would remove most of the shows off the TV. Also stop equating watching a fictional show to a real like crime. Most rational people who watch these shows can distinguish reality from fantasy and you rarely hear that a person who commits a crime only committed it because he saw it on TV. Like ZacGraphics said, a disclaimer is enough and if the person decides not to listen to it then it's on them or their parents (depending on age).

  • No. Youth is hardly the only ones who watch TV.

    So, with the logic of @Silverleedaiel, because of one age group, we should remove all violent and inappropriate content off of TV. No, I think we're doing fine with simple disclaimers before these shows come on. For example, as Cartoon Network switches to Adult Swim, it shows a disclaimer that the content may not be appropriate for younger viewers. I think that is quite adequate.

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