Multiple explosive devices were found at a N.J. train station. Is this the work of ISIS?

  • They are claiming credit.

    ISIS has claimed credit for the explosive devices that were found at a N.J. train station. The people who planted the devices are from Middle Eastern backgrounds. They appear to be radicalized. Yes, this is the work of ISIS that encouraged and recruited these people to act to harm Americans. It is sad that terrorism is on American soil.

  • Yes, it seems that this is the work of ISIS.

    Yes, it seems that this is the work of ISIS because it is similar to many of the other attacks they have carried out. They will always want to take credit for acts like this, but until we discover another large group that wants to destroy the west as much as them, we should assume ISIS did it.

  • No way to know just yet

    The explosives immediately sent people thinking that ISIS is responsible, but that may not actually be the case. Just keep in mind that there are many people in this world that may wish to harm others. There have been plenty of attacks similar to this that were in fact not ISIS related. Recent history tells us it is probably someone inspired by ISIS, but we just don't know yet. Let's let the authorities investigate before jumping to conclusions.

  • New Jersey train explosion are not the work of ISIS

    The explosive devices found at a New Jersey train station are not likely the work of ISIS. It is much more likely that a mentally ill American left the explosives there. However, it is possible that there could be some kinds of connection to ISIS and this should be investigated thoroughly.

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