Muslim girls who refuse to swim with boys were denied Swiss citizenship. Is this racist?

  • Yes, this is racist.

    I am not sure why swimming is a part of Swiss citizenship tests in the first place. Racism is a form of oppression by the dominant group and this is definitely an act of oppression. While it is true that the standards were applied to everyone, it still seems as if they were singled out somewhat.

  • While unjust and discriminatory, this policy is not racist

    No, this decision is not racist because it involves an issue with the applicants being Muslim and Islam is a religion practiced by individuals of many races. Furthermore, racism refers to large systems of oppression that limit the opportunities of people of some race while affording people of other races certain privileges and advantages. One application for naturalization that is an exceptional case can be viewed as discriminatory, but to understand the racism of the immigration policies, the history of their revisions and interpretations must be considered as a whole.

  • I don't think this is entirely racist.

    While extreme I can see why people would consider this racist. However Islam is not a race. People of all genders and nationalities can be a Muslim. It is a religion. Second feeling safe in your own country is important. If a person from another country comes into a new one it should be understood that they are to follow the rules ans accept the culture as best as they can.

  • Indeed it is not.

    Following even more PC jargan that follows the beliefs is the word "racism." What does racism mean?

    The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

    Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

    Islam is not a race, but a religion, therefore making it impossible to be racist against islam as a whole.

  • Not racist but definitely discriminatory.

    I don't think racist is the right word to use, because it sounds like these rules would apply to any race. But I think there's little doubt that it's religion-based discrimination. What a ridiculous criterion for citizenship. If this were to happen in the United States there would be swift and vicious backlash.

  • How can it be racist?

    How can it be racist if you are not being singled out? Sexist, maybe, but if a Muslim boy refused to swim with girls, would that be racist if he were denied citizenship? Everyone has the same standards for citizenship, they refused, and they were denied based on society's rules

  • Wrong word, Muslim is not a race

    It would be racist if there were white Muslims who broke these rules and they were let in.
    It's not even religionist if they would also refuse citizenship to people of other religions breaking the same rules.
    Still is ridiculously superficial criteria. It's just swimming and a hand shake. More reasonable criteria would be for instance denying citizenship to parents who disown their daughters because they refuse to marry the men their parents chose for them. I agree that assimilation is important, but not every little aspect of it. It's the big things that should count. Refusing to shake someone's hand because of your old culture's values may be awkward, even coming off as rude, but it's not important enough that it should be grounds for denying someone citizenship. This could lead to a society that is excessively fussy about the observations of social norms and loses any sense of perspective of which norms are truly fundamental and which are folkways.

  • Muslim girls have been treated unfairly in Switzerland

    No, it is not racism, just the opposite. The Swiss government is treating everyone equally. The government expects newcomers to blend right in. Yet, Muslim people do not wish to live like everyone else. They have their own cultural standards. Thus, Muslim girls will not swim with boys. To deny citizenship based on this fact, is to disrespect people of other faiths and practices. It is not necessarily racism. It just shows a lack of tolerance by the Swiss. To say it is racism seems to go overboard. The reality is if you want to live with the Swiss you must behave like everyone else.

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