• Yes, due to the fact that a Muslim teen was brutally beaten the police should increase protection

    Yes, due to the fact that a Muslim teen was brutally beaten the police should increase protection. This is due to the fact that Muslims have been stereotyped in the American news recently and this may have led to the attack. The American news media needs to be careful not to stereotype Muslims.

  • Yes, the police should account for the increased discrimination and protect those most vulnerable

    Absolutely, the police must step up and PROTECT all American citizens. Even all tourists! The police is there to serve and protect. Trivial labels such as race, gender, or sexual orientation should not exclude someone from the scope of police protection. In fact, minorities should be recipients of the highest level of attention and protection from the police as they are the most susceptible to crime and assault by intolerant, bigoted, xenophobic (and usually white) people.

  • Yes, this is a known concern

    Worldwide terrorism has focused much attention on the Muslim community but it tends to be of a negative nature. We need to remember that there are many Muslims who are innocent of this terrorism yet they are being targeted with unkind actions, this being an example of one. Since this is a known problem, I absolutely believe these folks should be protected from this injustice.

  • No, the police should not provide increased police protection to Muslims because this incident was not proven to be a biased or hate crime.

    The police department should not provide increased protection to Muslims based on this one incident as there is no direct proof that this was a biased or hate crime against the Muslim community. If this was a situation where there was a pattern of attacks against Muslims at a particular mosque, or if the mosque itself was repeatedly vandalized, then the police should provide additional protection. However, this was one teen who was attacked and who happened to be Muslim.

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