Muslims face fines of up to £8,000 for wearing burkas in Switzerland. Does this create more potential terrorists?

  • Yes, this creates more potential terrorists.

    Switzerland's ban on wearing burkas can result in a fine of up to 8,000 Euros for violators. However, this ban and potential fine will actually further isolate the Muslim community in the country. This isolation from the rest of society will turn into a breeding ground for more terrorists. In short, Switzerland's law banning burkas will actually do more to incite future terrorism.

  • I don't think so.

    This is a double edged sword, you could say. One one side people think that banning burkas could stop the concealment of dangerous devices(some would think). on the other side some may think it actually provokes terrorist and inspires rebellion. Fines of up to 8,000? that's a bit overkill. Lawmakers should careful on how they handle things on a topic like this.

  • No, fining people for wearing burkas, while shockingly racist, does not create more potential terrorists.

    Fining people for wearing burkas does far less to create more terrorists than it does to pander to a racist, ignorant fear of people who are different. It merely encourages racism; it does not justify it. Actively punishing people for peacefully practicing their religion is flat out discrimination and should be stopped immediately, but it does not breed terrorism.

  • Burkas not Equal to Terrorists

    It has long been common place to do as the customs of the country you are in. IE When in Rome...The banning of the burka in non-Moslem countries should not be a cause of an increase in the number of terrorists. That's like dictating that Hindu women can't wear sari's. Its a fashion/religious choice and not about choosing to do harm to others.

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