Mylan announced a series of steps Thursday it says will make its EpiPen more affordable. Do you trust the company?

  • Yes, the country Mylan can be trusted but up to a certain extent.

    Mylan has offered to make its EpiPen more affordable which is more of a business move than it is one of compassion. Mylan in the end will see an increase in its profit margin since they will be the lowest costing EpiPen on the market which will increase their demand and therefore their profit. It can be trusted that Mylan will keep their word on keeping the costs low, although their end game on what their actual intentions behind this, are yet to be seen.

  • No, I don’t trust Mylan.

    Mylan claims they will help to make the EpiPen less expensive. However, the drugmaker is trapped in the middle of a controversy over the increasing cost of prescription medications. Mylan previously had increased a regular pack of EpiPens to approximately $600 in the last few years. It previously had set you back $100 in the year 2009.

  • Mylan is untrustworthy

    Mylan is not trustworthy. The company has lost the public's trust after drastically raising the price on the life saving EpiPen, as well as other medications. This was merely to increase it profits, at the expense of those that need the medication. It says it will make it more affordable to some people, but this is a dubious claim.

  • Mylan can not be trusted to make EpiPen more affordable

    Mylan has offered to give special discounts to buyers of their EpiPen, but have not lowered the retail price at all. As soon as those $300 discounts are gone (which will only give consumers one free EpiPen, consumers will be stuck with the over $600 retail price. Mylan raised prices over 500 percent on other drugs, but those drugs have not elicited a social media storm. Mylan cannot be trusted to help out consumers without public outcry.

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