Mylan will lower the EpiPen cost for some patients. Should the U.S. government regulate drug prices?

  • Regulation is Needed

    The cost of some life saving medications are WAY of the chart and are needed to be lowered. If they don't lower them the business could go out of business. The reason this would happen would be because some people couldn't afford it. If they can't afford it then they would give the EpiPen business bad reviews. All the people would see it and they would not bye it.

  • There needs to be some regulation.

    I don't think that the government should take complete control over drug costs. After all, drug companies deserve to make money, too. However, I think that there does need to be some sort of regulation and price ceilings, especially for drugs that have the potential to save lives. People shouldn't have to be rich to get well.

  • Yes, because there are too many greedy drug companies.

    Unfortunately, drug companies put their stockholders' interests above those of patients. The EpiPen fiasco is just one example of this. Government regulation will ensure that prices are reasonable and that sick people are able to afford the medications they need. Lining the pockets of wealthy CEOs at the expense of consumers has gotten out of control.

  • Regulation is Necessary

    Costs of medicine and health care is clearly off the rails and it is obvious that some companies, though not all, are willing to place peoples lives at risk in order to acheive profit. At a bare minimum, the government should regulate drug prices on a comprehensive list of medicine that can provide, essential life-saving care, such as the Epi-Pen.

  • It's not the medication, it's the delivery system

    The government should stay out of regulating the pricing of goods from private businesses. The market will take care of this issue. The medication itself can be obtained at a fraction of the cost people were paying before the gouging started. The delivery system (the pen) is what sets this company apart. It sounds like a great opportunity for someone to design their own pen and market it at a much lower price.

  • Government can't do everything

    We the consumers need to teach the pharmaceutical companies a lesson by boycotting the ones that use this loan sharking tactic. The drugs that they've price gouged are life saving necessities that should be available to those who need it. It is a travesty that should not be ignored. Even so, the government would just create a bureaucracy that would cost the taxpayers too much to recoup monies from the pharmaceutical companies.

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