Mylan will offer a two pack generic epipen auto-injector for 50% less than its name brand. Is Mylan doing this out of embarrassment?

  • Yes, the public shaming of greedy pharmaceuticals is working.

    Yes, the release of a generic Epipen injector is an obvious response to the media attention the price hike received. Still, half price of the name-brand twin pack is still $300. That is quite steep for two simple plastic injection needles, and still more than name-brand Epipens used to cost just a few years ago. Mylan is attempting to deflect some criticism for its greed, but they are still making out like bandits and should be called on it.

  • Yes, they should be embarrassed.

    Mylan's decision to raise prices to ridiculous levels on the Epipen was shameful. They are now trying to salvage their public image. In the long run, however, the outcome is positive for the patients who need this medication. It's just a shame that it took public humiliation to get the big wigs at this company to do the right thing by their consumers.

  • Yes, Mylan offering a generic EpiPen at 50% of the cost is an attempt to spare the company embarassment.

    The recent bad publicity surrounding the escalating and exorbitant costs of the EpiPen has been a major embarrassment for Mylan. This latest episode of corporate greed only serves to reinforce the idea that big business is, at it's core, a heartless enterprise looking only to take advantage of the general public. Mylan offering a discount after the fact is, by design, only an attempt to show the company in a good light.

  • Yes, Mylan is doing this out of embarrassment.

    Mylan is offering a generic version of its Epipen for 50% less than its name brand one out of embarrassment. The company has been ridiculed in the court of public opinion. Many are very upset at the company for hiking the price of Eqipen, which hurt sick patients needing this drug. Now Mylan is trying to repair its public image.

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