NASA: Earth is warming at a pace "unprecedented in 1,000 years." Can this trend be stopped?

  • Yes, this trend can be stopped.

    Yes, this trend can be stopped. If earth is warming at a pace "unprecedented in 1,000 years," then we, as the people of this earth, need to do something about it. We can reduce global warming by using renewable energy like solar power and wind power and stop polluting and using nonrenewable energy sources.

  • I believe the Earth's warming at an unprecedented rate can be stopped.

    Global warming is a serious issue that has been on the minds of average citizens and in the media for many years now. Scientists have given us statistics and proven why it is happening and even offered a solution to the problem. We have the power to stop it and possibly even reverse it but unfortunately human kind has not really made significant efforts to do so. In order to stop it, certain lifestyles would have to change; energy producing companies would have to change course and offer an alternate energy source or go extinct; products the average person uses everyday would have to be disposed of. The answer boils down to changes in lifestyle and potential loss of profit for companies. This is what is holding us back in stopping and reversing global warming.

  • No, I`m afraid it is too late.

    We are at risk of pushing our climate system toward abrupt, unpredictable, and potentially irreversible changes with highly damaging impacts. Earth’s climate is on a path to warm beyond the range of what has been experienced over the past millions of years. The range of uncertainty for the warming along the current emissions path is wide enough to encompass massively disruptive consequences to societies and ecosystems.

  • No, it cannot.

    The process of global warming cannot be completely stopped, but it can be slowed down. That is why it is important for everyone, especially big business to be aware of thier carbon footprint and to try to reduce it as much as possible. By doing this we can slow down the effects of global warming.

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