National Aquarium to move dolphins into refuge. Have people started to understand that these animals belong in nature?

  • Yes, more people understand that dolphins belong in nature.

    The days of watching animals perform in front of audiences are numbered. Many now understand that dolphins, whales, etc, belong in nature, not in captivity. Furthermore, dolphins have been proven to be very intelligent, and posses feelings of their own. Keeping them in captivity only makes them feel unhappy. In short, many people now understand that dolphins belong in nature.

  • I sure hope so.

    Animals were not meant to be caged. They are not on this planet for our amusement. We would not like to be caged and gazed upon by mindless creatures and mistreated by the people who put us in said cages. It is time we realize we need to leave things alone.

  • Yes, finally they have to get started.

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals welcomed the news, and the CEO of the Humane Society of the United States blogged that his counterpart at the aquarium "has done something terribly important." We have to committed to creating conditions for all of the animals in our care to thrive.

  • Not for show

    It's always fascinating to see wildlife up close and personal, and there is a lot that can be learned from them. However, captivity is not the best place for these animals. They belong in their natural habitat, free to live as they were designed. We need to understand this and allow all animals their freedom.

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