National Guard activated to deal with Milwaukee unrest: Will the violence in Milwaukee be brought under control?

  • National Guard activation will help with Milwaukee unrest.

    The National Guard being called in to assist with the current unrest in Milwaukee is a helpful and positive move to quell the current problems happening there. Not only is the National Guard well-trained to deal with such incidents, their presence will communicate to anyone not behaving appropriately that it is time to shape up. It is encouraging to citizens that this situation is being taken seriously and will not be tolerated.

  • Yes, but changes will need to be made

    The unrest in Milwaukee is tragic, but also a symptom of the high amounts of tension in our country between communities and those charged to police them. The situation in Milwaukee will calm down eventually, but the leadership of the Milwaukee Police Department will need to change. They need to follow the example set by the Dallas Police Department and engage with the community more productively.

  • No, violence in Milwaukee will not be brought under control.

    It is unlikely that the Wisconsin National Guard will be able to bring the violence in Milwaukee under control. These violent protesters have been waiting for any excuse to get out and destroy property to vent anger over perceived injustices. Yes, activating the national guard can add some security to the city, but it is unlikely to calm things for quite some time.

  • It will not be tamed

    It will not be tamed because there are more looters than law enforcers. Our society is so bad in some ways that there are people who would rather be violent than come to the table with a plan. It is so sad that making the situation worse is seen by some people as a solution.

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