National power outage due to monkey: Should power plants increase protection against the wild?

  • Monkeys compromise the nation's power: it's time to up our protection against animals

    The headline about a monkey causing a national power outage may be funny at first, but electricity is no laughing matter. It's not just monkeys we should be worried about, it's what other animals could get into our nation's power infrastructure. Our power plants should take this issue seriously and take measures to protect themselves against wildlife.

  • Power plants should ensure as much security as feasible for operation

    While some level of wild interaction is to be expected, power plants should be using all feasible resources to ensure steady operation. Security is of grave concern. Power plant outages can interrupt health care access, financial transactions and effect economic stability. Having a secure facility is vital, both secure from terrorist and vandal interference and also from animal and plant life intrusion that can interrupt services.

  • No, it was a fluke accident.

    It is short-sighted to make policy around rare events. Incidents like this do not happen often. Power plants already cause too much impact on wild animals. It is better to keep the plants in good repair and work toward types of energy production that are less likely to involve damage from wild life.

  • Power plants should not increase protection against the wild

    Power plants should not increase protection against the wild. Such companies already do a very good job in protecting against such events. To do more would require additional cost, which will always be passed on to the consumer. We don't live in a bubble wrap society. Accidents happen and not every bad thing can be prevented.

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