National Security is more important than personal privacy.

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  • Your rights mean nothing if your dead

    Our government is similar to that of a social contract. In a social contract the people give up some of their rights for protection by the government. Sometimes that government might have to infringe on our other rights in order to protect us. Our rights do us no good if we’re dead anyway. Most rights are not absolute. For example Religion, and speech can be taken away or limited in places such as school or work.

  • Security is important

    Security is more important because if you'd rather have privacy that means you have something to hide. You shouldn't be ashamed oh your own personal privacy. Security helps keep you secure. Security is something we all need and need to crave. That's the reason why security is way more important than privacy

  • Here are some reasons why I think this

    One reason that security is more important is because you want to know if someone is in your house or in your house at night and so that you can keep your stuff and yourself safe.
    Another reason is so that you can keep your family safe is like online and at banks so that the money that family has and it is stolen by that one person that was falling you home.
    The last reason is so that you can keep your friends safe by that I mean that so if you are going to your friends house that you know if there was someone falling you to his or her house.

  • Nothing is greater than the safety of the nation.

    With the sharp incline in the number of terrorist attacks and cyberattacks, the government cannot stay blind to all the atrocities that happen. Maybe, they might've kept their operations in secrecy. But, Secrecy is essential to meet our aim of protecting the public from terrorist attacks. Americans need to sacrifice some of their civil liberties to be safe from terrorism.

  • Nonsense on Stilits

    Rights are unjustifiable and nonsensical. Even if they are true, it needs be remembered that security is the foundation of all other rights. You cannot speak freely if you face the threat of attack, and you cannot have privacy if you are dead. Thus, even if you value rights, you must place security above privacy

  • Precaution and Unification

    National security helps protect us by taking precautionary measures. For example, the government scans emails and checks phone calls not to sabotage us, but to interfere with potential threats to our posterity. They protect us against potential terrorism and crimes, and without their regulation, we would be in much more danger today. Moreover, it is important to look at the nation as a whole when considering this topic. The nation itself needs to protect its own posterity against foreign threats as well as internal ones. Government authority helps complete both of them. National security also helps the nation function as a whole entity in national affairs; if it was not for government regulation and enforcement of authority - which is attained through some sacrifice of personal privacy - the nation would have difficulty unifying its people and dealing with other nations.

  • Yes it is.

    They do what they do to protect us from people who would hurt us. There are bad people out there who would kill us at a moments notice. If some guy you will never meet who is sworn to secrecy looks at a few emails and phone calls whats the big deal. The NSA has existed since the 1950s and only recently have people cared and its only because of snowden. The NSA works and they're not going anywhere deal with it.

  • Wouldnt you rather...

    Okay, I might be wrong but I really don think the government has time to personally go through all our emails. And eve if they did, WHO CARES?!?! Unless your doing something illegal why do you care if a total stranger reads some emails? The most they are putting our emails through a program to scan them for words to set off any alarms. I would rather be secure and prevent terrorist attacks and let them read my emails, then keep them to myself and be more vulnerable to attacks. But thats just my opinion.

  • National Security is more important than personal privacy

    National security is more important than personal privacy because it concerns a much larger group of people. If someone is innocent, they should have nothing to hide. In a world where terrorism is a reality, it is more important to protect the safety of a country than for a few people to avoid being inconvenienced.

  • Better be safe than sorry

    What do you have to hide? It is always better to be safe rather than sorry, because this could really help limit the number of terrorist attacks that affect our country and take so many precious lives so really what are you doing that you don't want the government to know about?

  • Restore the 4th


  • More Transparency is Needed

    Many people say "It causes no harm". I disagree. If anyone abuses that power, we wouldn't know.

    I would sleep easier knowing what exactly our leaders are doing.

    What is worth monitoring? What do you look for? I don't know. Is "bomb" worth them checking your entire history over? I've looked up military weapons out of interest. Does the gov. Now know my Minecraft user name.

    They won't say how much they know and won't tell us the perimeters for them learning what they do know!

  • Most certainly not!

    What the government call "National Security" is not more important than personal privacy or any other human rights or civil liberties! This "War on terror" is nothing more than a fear tactic employed by the ruling elites to strip the rights and liberties of the people, under the disguise of National Security. One violation of these rights gives way to a whole lot more. Ignorantly allowing the Security Services to spy and interfere with our lives is very dangerous.
    As the user before me stated, the attitude that "If you have nothing to hide then you shouldn't care" which is adopted by so many, is a fine example of this ignorance. The Security Services spying on your life may seem like a complete waste of their effort, and you may not have anything to hide, but it is purely a matter of principal!

  • No it isn't

    "National Security" is just another excuse for the Government to spy on us. How many terrorist attacks have truly been prevented thanks to these intrusive methods of spying the NSA has undergone. Whether it's that, the PATRIOT ACT, the 2012 NDAA, the TSA, or any other disgusting "National Security" provision, it is not more important than the personal privacy of others. Some say "If you have nothing to hide, then you shouldn't care". I beg to differ. If the Government thinks I have done something wrong, they can bring forth the proof and get a warrant. Otherwise, they can stay the heck out of my business.

  • Privacy is our right!

    If we give up our personal privacy for so called "security", we are only teaching the generations of the future that giving up their valuable rights for a security that is not even guaranteed is okay. Is that really the example that you want to set for our future? M

  • Does it really help?

    Digitally spying, the NSA has been recording metadata for "counterterrorism". This term is misused and the correct word would be "spying". The NSA use counterrorism as a sorry excuse for tapping into our computers and phones. Has surveillance really helped prevent terrorism? Pre 9/11 attacks have been stopped with simple procedures such as police investigations and increased security. Oh and don't forget SEARCH WARRANTS.

  • The Fourth Amendment is our right

    The Fourth Amendment is part of Constitution, OUR OWN CONSTITUTION! If we let our own government take over and rule our own lives for us, what is living worth? We should not let our own government take everything from us for what? A chance to catch a terrorist? Should we throw away everything for our nation?

  • Those who are willing to sacrifice freedom for security...

    Terrorism is so overhyped. Daily more people die from car accidents then from a year of terrorism in the western world. (And no, wars by groups like ISIS isn't terrorism. Not everything a terrorist orginasation does is terrorism.) But we don't ban cars, do we? We don't try to spy on everyone who owns a car, and follow them in case we get any information if they could crash them. Terrorism is not a serious threat, people just think it is because it is such an emotional attack. But we shouldn't argue with emotion, we should argue with reason. And I'm sorry to sound so mean, but the personal privacy of an entire population is more important than a few lives. I'm sorry, but that's just the truth. The world is a very scary place, but trying to just take away the rights of people isn't worth it.
    If the NSA really was saving so many lives, why not show us the data. I'd love to see what spying on innocent people has really done to help us. But of course they won't realease that information, they value their secrecy too much. The thing is, shouldn't they be doing things to help the people? Isn't that what they are for? So why are they hiding this? After all, if they have NOTHING TO HIDE, then they have NOTHING TO FEAR, don't they? The great irony is that people should be allowed privacy, but are spied on, while governmental bodies shouldn't be allowed to hide information, but they get to do everything in secret.
    Finally, for those who still think that national security is more important than personal liberty, I guarantee it that if we put everyone in prison-like camps, where they can move within the camp, but not go outside, and are constantly watched and followed around, crime would decrease incredibly. So national security would be extremely high. Luckily, our government is at least smart enough to not do that. However, if you really wish to be really safe, just lock yourself up with a giant food and water storage. After all, who wants liberty when you can be 100% safe.
    Of course, locking everyone up isn't the same as spying on them, but it as a good analogy of taking security too far. People have a right to their privacy, just like people have the right to not be locked up. Taking these rights away in the name of security just isn't right.

  • Invading Privacy does not prevent terrorism.

    The National Security Agency, the agency that records our phone calls and collects other forms of data to prevent terrorism, has done their job ineffectively. Ever since 9/11 the NSA has claimed to stop 50+ terrorist attacks but that is according to the NSA. Not an outside source. In addition, if the NSA really did prevent 50 or more terrorist attacks than the media would have reported all of the attacks. The idea that surveillance prevents terrorism is complete bogus. Even the 9/11 attacks wouldn't have been prevented had we been the surveillance state we are today.

  • Of course, personal privacy!

    Personal privacy is way more important than national security. Well sure, national security is important too, but what are we without our privacy. Would you really want people to constantly watching over you? The answer should be no, and to be able to feel safe from privacy invasions, we should lower national security

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TheBunnyAssassin says2013-07-08T22:50:59.737
REMEMBER PEOPLE: Without National security, you wouldn't HAVE a house because terrorists would bomb them.
If you have personal privacy, people won't lost their stored security info. To HACKERS from say, ****a.