NBA assist leader Rajon Rondo to sign 2-year, $28 million deal with Bulls. Is this a good signing?

  • Rondo has a great signing

    Rajon Rondo is a great player as it is shown by him being the NBA assist leader. Compared to some of the contracts being offered the Bulls signed him for cheap and got him for a great deal. Rajon Rondo could of had a much larger contract if he wanted to.

  • Yes, this is a good signing.

    The contract is great for Rajon Rondo, as it is a boost to his career and gives him a great financial incentive. It also is a great deal for the Chicago Bulls who are getting a great player out of the deal and can continue to have a great roster.

  • For him, sure

    Rondo would never be a part of a major player in title contention like the Warriors, Cavaliers, Thunder or Spurs. He gets paid to be a solid player for a team that has no chance and is essentially in a rebuilding stage. The new cap makes these deals amazing for players, especially for those who have no chance at singing with a contender. I'm looking at you, Mike Conley and Al Horford!

  • No, this is not a good signing for the Bulls.

    Yes, the Bulls do need some help at the Point Guard position due to trading former NBA MVP Derrick Rose to the Knicks and he will provide a little help. However, Rajon Rondo is washed up and way past his prime, and if the Bulls do make the playoffs, which is no sure thing as LeBron James plays for the Cavaliers, who will once again be the class of the Eastern Conference, he will not be the reason why.

  • No, he is aged.

    NBA assist leader Rajon Rondo is in the verge of signing a 2-year deal worth $28 million with the Bulls. This may look like a good deal but it may be too early to open that champagne bottle. First thing first, Rojon is 30 years old that means he is not going to get younger or more athletic his output will decrease steadily, making $28 million a waste.

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