Nearly 2300 shot in Chicago this year: Does Chicago have a crisis when it comes to gun violence?

  • Yes, Chicago has a crisis when it comes to gun violence.

    The gun violence in Chicago has created a crisis for the city. Nearly 2300 have been shot this year, and there is not end in sight for this rampant gun violence. Many believe that failed policies and a huge gang population have led to much of this violence in the city. These shootings have created a crisis for the city that has been unable to deal with gun violence effectively.

  • Gun violence is a crisis everywhere in the US

    Note, that it's mostly in the US where we hear about gun violence. Chicago certainly has a crisis, but so do many urban areas. IF 2300 is a correct figure, Chicago has a larger problem than most. Look at the Chicago Tribune - the gun deaths are broken down by area, and there are so many.

  • Chicago has a gun violence crisis.

    Nearly 2300 people have been shot in Chicago so far this year, as of July 2016. Since it's just barely past the middle of the year, if the trend holds, more than 4000 people will become victims of gun violence in that city before the end of the year. That's a major problem, constituting a crisis.

  • Chicago Gun Violence Out of Control

    Not only in Chicago, but in the entire United States, do we encounter a level of gun violence unlike anywhere else in the world. Gun control, or lack thereof, is out of hands and as a result almost every day news headlines are branded with a new act of violence and senselessness. In Chicago, if it were made more difficult to get access to weapons, the staggering 2,300 people shot this year would be no doubt much lower.

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