Negative views of Donald Trump just hit a new campaign high: 7 in 10 Americans . Is this the best the GOPs can offer as their POTUS nominee?

Negative views of Donald Trump just hit a new campaign high: 7 in 10 Americans . Is this the best the GOPs can offer as their POTUS nominee?
  • Note that they asked the supporters of other candidates for this.

    7/10 of the selected pool of Americans, consisting of Sanders and Clinton supporters, with the odd actual citizen, agree... But how the numbers were determined is sketchy as hell and a terrible bandwagon to boot. The anti-Trump minority continues to lie and twist things, skewing it at every turn. They know what they have done and will be ridiculed for it.

  • Selected by the people, hated by the people

    Whether you support him or not, the nature of the democratic system in America, means that Donald Trump was chosen as nominee by the people. I understand completely that there are caveats to this, including, voting systems, delegates, super delegates, funding, changing perceptions etc. However, that does still not stop the fact that Americans have marked an 'X' in a box for him. Compared to other countries, where the political party decides, surely in this case, the GOPs cannot be blamed?

  • Anyone could have done better!

    Donald Trump is a political troll, best friend to Hillary Clinton and sharing most of her opinions in reality. Like Hillary Clinton, he speaks based on what other people want to hear, not based on what he believes to be true. The Libertarian Party is nominating a candidate with political experience, but somehow the GOP couldn't manage that.

  • GOP could have done better

    If Trump is a compelling candidate for some, he is a repellant candidate for many as well. There were plenty of Republication candidates who would have charted a more moderate course, but for whatever reason, Trump ended up the nominee. It seems that many Republicans aren't even too pleased about it, even as they resolve to support him.

  • No, Trump is not the best POTUS nominee the GOPs can offer.

    Trump is the worst POTUS nominee the GOP has ever offered. Trump's bullying ways and hateful comments towards so many American citizens should raise the GOP's red flags. This race started with multiple nominees that somehow lost to a billionaire making a mockery of our country and long-held values we support as a country.

  • Republican Party should try harder this year

    A whopping 7 out of 10 Americans disapprove of Donald Trump now, which means that it's time for the Republican Party to think seriously about whether or not they should proceed with approving Trump as their nominee for President. Trump does not present a good image of America, which means he will be unable to fulfill one of the most key aspects of the Presidency.

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