Netanyahu spends lavishly during New York trip: Do World leaders spend too much money when traveling?

  • World leaders spend too much money when traveling

    Quite often, world leaders spend far too much money when traveling. It is symptomatic of a larger problem. World leaders are treated as if they have an open checkbook, compliments of the tax payer. There is no accountability and oversight needs to be addressed. Morally, these people need to do the right thing.

  • It's time to reign in excessive spending by world leaders

    Shopping sprees are not merely limited to the rich and famous. It appears that whenever a diplomat or other authority figure is in town, they spend like there's no tomorrow. While this contributes well to local economies, I think it's time to make more regulations to curb that over-the-top behavior so these individuals can focus on getting their job done instead.

  • Yes, many World leaders spend too much money while traveling.

    The taxpayers are on the hook when their leaders take expensive vacations. Most people do not have the luxury of making someone else pay for their trips. Therefore, it does not make sense for taxpayers to have to foot the bill all the time when their leaders take lavish vacations, spending lots of money. In short, World leaders should be more mindful of the fact that taxpayers are paying for their vacations, and not spend so much.

  • No, World leaders do not spend too much money when traveling.

    I think that the majority of world leaders do not spend money lavishing while the travel abroad. I think Netanyahu is an outlier in all of the world leaders travel arrangements. It's easy for some world leaders to take advantage of their travel situation when they're visiting popular cities such as New York City but I think this is just a rare case of one man enjoying her trip a little too much.

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