Network neutrality: Is Net Neutrality good for ISPs?

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  • Bad for ISPs

    Net Neutrality is bad for ISPs; without net neutrality, ISPs could limit the content of information going over their networks and prevent users who use large amounts of bandwidth from continuing to do so. Net neutrality is beneficial for the consumers and for freedom of speech, but certainly not for ISPs.

  • No Net Neutrality

    Net Neutrality means that ISP's would not have any type of regulation which is not good for the Internet users. Net Neutrality is synonymous to giving the ISP's the rights to infringe upon the Internet space reserved for other users. Net Neutrality is not good for the Internet Service Providers.

  • BAD, BAD, BAD Idea

    If net neutrality rules were thrown out, and power is given to the big cable companies (ISP's), they could slow down or block any website they choose and completely hinder OUR free speech and amendment rights. The internet has been a vital source for communicating to our friends and the world, and it must remain that way.

    Posted by: S.K

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