New device seizes prepaid card funds in Oklahoma: Would you avoid travelling to Oklahoma because of this device?

  • Yes, I would avoid traveling to Oklahoma because of the new device that can sieze prepaid card funds.

    Civil forfeitures are wrong because this is a form of the government stealing from citizens. The new scanner devices that Oklahoma is using to seize prepaid funds from cards is a form of civil forfeiture. Police can seize funds after roadside arrests, without any criminal conviction. A person should always be innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. The government has no right to seize private property from citizens that haven't been convicted of a crime.

  • Yes, it's not worth it.

    There's nothing in Oklahoma that is enough of a draw to take this risk. While I personally don't use prepaid cards at all, I also would not want to risk the chance that this same device could seize funds from other cards. There's no reason for me to travel to Oklahoma anyway and with this possibility I would likely avoid it even more.

  • The device should not be allowed

    When I think of myself having a prepaid card, I think of the funds as something I own and that cannot be taken away from me. For a cop to be able to seize the funds without my knowledge I think is unethical. I would avoid travelling to this state if I had a large amount of these cards.

  • No, but I probably wouldn't go to Oklahoma anyway.

    This most likely wouldn't affect me if I happened to go to Oklahoma because I don't have any prepaid debit cards. Therefore, if I ever decided to go to Oklahoma, for whatever reason, this wouldn't stop me. However, I have no desire to visit Oklahoma, and I highly doubt I ever will.

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