New footage reveals Bikini Atoll atomic bomb test aftermath. Was the U.S. correct to use atomic weapons in WWII?

  • So so sad

    In hind sight we wish the bomb did not have to be dropped but at the time we were dealing with a ruthless enemy who would strap a bomb to a baby and hand it to a soldier. They were the first suicide bombers, which was off putting to the United States. How do you fight an enemy like that? We had to do what we had to do.

  • No, the use of weapons of mass destruction is always wrong.

    Since innocent victims are killed by weapons of mass destruction, how can their use ever be justified? Just as chemical warfare makes no distinction between bystanders and intended targets, the atomic bomb destroyed the lives of countless people who had done nothing to deserve their fate. Such strong arm tactics have no place in modern society.

  • No, America is deluded.

    Did you know that president Truman stated that the atomic bomb was dropped to avoid killing civilians? The atomic bombs killed mainly civilians. Americans have this deluded idea that the Japanese were these crazy blood thirsty savages so I shall enlighten you.
    America is the reason the war dragged on for so long. Did you know on January 20, 1945 Truman received 5 different peace overtures from high level Japanese officials and they were the exact same as the ones Japan signed in September. Except for one condition, that the emperor remained safe. Do you know the sad irony of this? The emperor stayed in power after WW2. Truman could have signed these papers and the war would have ended and Japan would have surrendered unconditionally but no, he prolonged the war for petty revenge and showing off.
    Now say you're a Japanese civilian. You know you're country is losing and you know the enemy is going to invade. You know the enemy will kill you if the enemy invades so what do you do? Defend yourself. American civilians would have done the exact same as the Japanese civilians if America was being invaded. Most people like to base their thoughts upon this topic by basing them upon extremists. Let me tell you something, those that kamikazed themselves were afraid of dying. They werent crazy blood thirsty people but America wasnt letting Japan surrender. They had backed Japan into a corner so what do you expect? That Japan would just lay down their guns and let America slaughter all of them. Let me remind you, America wasnt letting Japan surrender.
    There was no justification for dropping the bombs. America did it out of revenge which is quite sad and to show off to the Russians that America was powerful. It's America's fault that the war was prolonged for so long. If America had lost WW2, dropping those atomic bombs would have been considered a war crime and those involved would have been hanged.

  • No, I think that it was unnecessary to use the atomic weapon in WWII

    The far reaching implications of using an atomic weapon on people and on natural resources in the area (and the environment around the world) is devastating. I believe that the United States could have won the war without using the atomic weapon and without unleashing such vast destruction on the Japanese people that still reverberates the area today.

  • No, they were not.

    We did not fully understand the widespread effects that nuclear weapons would have. We did not understand that they would slowly destroy the world by ruining the enviroment. Not only should we never have used them in WWII, we never should have tried to build them at all. They are causing too much distruction, years later.

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