New York criminalizes the use of ticket-buying bots. Will this be effective in allowing more people to buy tickets?

  • Yes, this will be effective in allowing more people to buy tickets.

    Buying tickets online can be challenging at a time when others can use ticket-buying bots to purchase large blocks of tickets for events. These ticket-buying bots make it difficult for individuals to find available tickets. New York outlawing the use of this technology should allow more people be able to buy tickets.

  • It's a good step.

    Banning the use of ticket-buying bots is a great move, and it is long overdue. These bots keep real fans from being able to see artists and musicians that they love, and the tickets are sold at sky-high prices by resellers. There still needs to be more regulation on third party sellers, but banning the bots is a good start.

  • Criminalizing the use of ticket-buying bots will make it easier for people to buy tickets.

    Yes, criminalizing the use of ticket-buying bots will be effective in facilitating more people-bought tickets. It will create a deterrent for the average scalper and make it more difficult for them to purchase multiple tickets because they will no longer be able to use an automated system. It is possible to program against the use of robots and automated systems so if it is criminalized authorities can take steps to intervene.

  • Ticket-Buying Bots Is Not the Answer

    Ticket-Buying Bots is not the answer because there really is not good solution. If people want to do wrong, they will always find a way of doing unlawful things. They will always find a way to get to the other side of wrongdoings. Most people want to obey the law, but some do not. The law abiding citizens pay in more ways than one for what those citizens who do not obey the law.

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