New York Times sums up Republican National Convention with "Make America Hate Again." Can a Republican candidate get fair treatment in the mainstream media?

New York Times sums up Republican National Convention with "Make America Hate Again." Can a Republican candidate get fair treatment in the mainstream media?
  • Republicans get a fair shake in the media

    Republican candidates receive fair treatment in the mainstream media. Their message is controversial, including excluding Muslims from entering the country. Trump himself claims he has been the victim of biased coverage, but it has been shown that he has made statements that he has denied. The media is merely doing its job by reporting on the candidates.

  • Yes, they could.

    Mainstream media is not all biased against the Republicans. Some media people are republicans. Some are democrats. Some are niether . The republican convention was an atrocity and deserved to be reported on as such. It was awful and was filled with demonstrations of hate and hate filled rhetoric that was awful.

  • Yes, Republicans can get fair treatment in the mainstream media.

    Yes, Republicans get fair treatment by the mainstream media all of the time. Republicans and Democrats get bad headlines in the media when they do or say something stupid. We have liberal and conservative media and their jobs are to hype their side and condemn the other side. The New York Times opinion on the convention is an opinion. I'm sure that conservative media has a different one.

  • No and they never will

    The Democrats have done well to control the media by working up through Hollywood.

    It wasn't until the fall of the Soviets that there was a vacuum present for who "America's enemy" was.

    The Democrats clearly knew who to pick and they picked Republicans. Since then they have used simple tactics to turn the entire media base against Republicans save a few networks (who suck anyway).

    The problem is the bias in the media isn't due to what Republicans are saying, or that their message is controversial, but with how Democrats deal with these statements.

    A large amount of their tactics is simply standing on a moral/emotional point of view which wins easily to anyone flipping through a channel. This is largely the Democrats success in mainstream media it's the: "This guy is evil" argument while Republicans usually argue of a Democrat "This guy is a nice person but would be bad at this job".

    The good guy always wins and it is a smart tactic that the Republicans have been to stupid to adopt.

    Now that the mainstream media is losing power it probably will not matter any longer. Most people are starting to get news from sources that do not have any affiliation with CNN/Fox/MSNBC/CSN/etc. It is starting to seem that both Dems and Repubs are looked at with an equal sense of disdain.

  • Media is very biased.

    The New York Times is showing its true colors, and I am afraid that the days of neutral, truthful journalism are over. The paper is incredibly liberal, and I would be cancelling my subscription if I was one of its conservative readers. People need to read facts and form their own opinions.

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