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  • Newspapers are still relevant

    No, Newspapers are still relevant. Times change and so do the source of information. But till the time those costly gadgets reach the common masses of this country, newspaper will continue to be a major source of information. For people whose mornings begin with a cup of tea and a newspaper in hand, for the students who makes collages, who submit poems, paintings, sketches and wait for their work to be published in the weekly editions, for the unemployed and the unmarried youth, perusing through each and every page of the relevant section, for all those who still prefer turning pages instead of browsing them, newspaper continues to be a part of our lives.

    Several newsbreaks are made on newspapers, which are then picked up by news channels. Several hard hitting investigative reports have unraveled instances of massive corruption and has forced those in question to answer. Furthermore, several local incidents that go unnoticed by the new age media find their place in the coming day's newspaper. To get information about your locality, a newspaper is still the most reliable source.

    As goes the argument of it not being eco-friendly, it is ironical how people conveniently forget the harmful effects of e-waste on our environment. The supposed "eco-friendly" substitutes are no better. Besides, now a days many newspapers are made from recycled paper, reducing the amount of trees cut.

    To sum up my argument, it is true that with the advancement of technology, new forms of media have got their advantages as well. But to discredit newspapers and to say that "newspapers have become a thing of the past" would be incorrect and would stand on a weak logical ground.

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