Nigel Farage will standing down as leader of the UK Independence Party. Is Britain on the verge of a major political change?

  • Yes, Britain is on the verge of change.

    There has been a great deal of turmoil in the past few weeks, beginning with Brexit, and ending with Nigel Farage standing down. All of these changes and the unrest that has followed them are a good indicator that this is only the beginning and that Britain is in for some major changes.

  • Yes, Britain is on the verge of a major political change.

    Yes, Britain is on the verge of a major political change. The Brexit vote shows that many people in the UK are deeply dissatisfied with the manner in which the country has been running. The country appears to be on the verge of becoming more isolationist and xenophobic, possibly shutting its doors to immigrants.

  • Political change imminent

    One of the major pieces of news after Britian chose to leave the European Union was that Nigel Farage had stepped down as the leader of the UK independance party. This is just one of the symptoms of an upcoming change in the nature of British politics and I think that further changes are imminent.

  • No, change is not in the air

    If we take a look at the day after Brexit, we see that innumerable citizens regretted their vote. Most of them voted on an emotional campaign, not actually doing the research and finding out what they wanted to give up. They are now calling it "Regrexit". Major political change is not going to happen because the world is not actually going to fall apart. People, generally, don't enjoy too much change, so there is a herd instinct to try and keep everything as much the same way as possible.

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