Nikola Tesla invented radio control in 1898: Does society value Tesla's inventions enough?

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  • No, Nikola Tesla is not given enough credit

    Tesla was an amazing scientist who brought us inventions that we wouldn't be able to live without today. I think that Tesla should be mentioned more in history books and should be taught about in science classes. The man has given us radio control, an invention that brought our nation together in ways that we never would have thought possible.

  • No, Tesla was a Victom of Plagarism.

    Nikola Tesla was a man of many inventions that the world doesn't even attribute to his genius. Tesla coil, the most prominent of his inventions, has led to many amazing and fascinating discoveries. Radio control is used everywhere, and no one thinks of Nikola Tesla as the inventor. Most attribute that discovery to many other individuals. Nikola Tesla should be more widely valued than he is.

  • No, they do not.

    While there is a small and growing number of people who have begun to recognize the contributions that Tesla made to science and to society, many people are still taught and still believe that other people were responsible for many of the contributions that Tesla made. It will be a long time before this changes.

  • No, society does not value Tesla's inventions enough.

    Society does not value the true genius of Nikola Tesla nor his many inventions like radio control. Many of Tesla's discoveries and inventions are not as well credited to him. Tesla was the one that invented the first radio control in 1898. Tesla also helped make electricity useful in America. Unfortunately, Tesla is not remembered as much as the famous inventor Thomas Edison.

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