No charges for armed man: Should more people be carrying concealed weapons?

  • Yes, more people should carry

    My father is a CHL instructor. I am a licensed carrier. When my school allows open carry, I am going to carry. The guns are not the problem. I have a revolver and I don't want to shoot anyone. It is the sickness of our society that is at fault. People in china kill kids with hammers because they don't have guns. Sick people are sick. And a sick society that encourages and promotes sickness, so as to not hurt anyone's feelings, will only garner more sickness, more death, and more heartache.

  • No, more guns equals more violence

    No, encouraging more people to carry guns — especially concealed guns — is a recipe for more violence. While some advocates for concealed carry have argued that adding more guns to general circulation improves public safety, recent gun massacres suggest otherwise. Instead, we would all be safer with more stringent rules requiring background checks and other commonsense gun safety measures.

  • People should not carry concealed weapons.

    Someone who is armed is more likely to go for his weapon in a fight or to have false confidence in his skill and expertise with the weapon. Also, the person may not be psychologically fit to use firearms. To stop shooting incidents, we need fewer citizens with firearms, not more.

  • Fewer guns, less dead people

    Although it would be difficult to achieve total disarmament of the general public, a serious attempt should be made to do so, in my opinion. Being in the U.K. I probably have a different view of the question than do my friends across the Pond, but the idea that there might be thousands of people walking around my town with concealed weapons fills me with horror. No, I definitely don't think that more people should be allowed to do it.

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