No jaywalking laws in UK: Should the U.S. get rid of jaywalking laws?

  • Statistics say Jay walking doesn't work

    Statistically you are more likely to be hit by a car in the US than the UK, proving that Jay walking laws do not make for safer streets. Where you are required to cross using your own wits you learn to cross more safely.
    Now jaywalking does not necessarily mean running in front of cars, which shouldn't be done regardless of the law. However, crossing the road on a red when there are no cars should not be a crime.

  • No, we need jaywalking laws to protect distracted crossers

    Jaywalking laws were enacted to protect people from being run down when crossing dangerous streets. With so many drivers and pedestrians being distracted by using their wireless devices while walking and driving,, we need jaywalking laws to force pedestrians onto crosswalks or to only cross at intersections with lights to keep them safer.

  • Yes, they should.

    Jaywalking law in the US have not stopped people from jaywalking. Instead they have caused people who were otherwise doing nothing wrong to be singled out and arrested for something that was a minor incident. Jaywalking laws do not need to exist to keep cars from hitting people who are crossing the road.

  • No, the United States should not get rid of jaywalking laws.

    The United States should not get rid of jaywalking laws. Jaywalking is dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. It can be difficult for drivers to spot someone crossing a street outside of a crosswalk. Jaywalking laws are a way to keep pedestrians safe by requiring them to cross busy streets at designated crosswalks where drivers must stop for walkers.

  • Keep our highways safe!

    Jaywalking laws are there to keep highways safer, both for motorists and for pedestrians. Motorists should yield to pedestrians at all times, and this is easier to do if pedestrians cross only at crosswalks. Pedestrians can cross in the crosswalk confidently, knowing that they have the right of way and motorists will yield. Crosswalks can be marked to remind motorists to yield. Car/pedestrian accidents will increase if pedestrians do not use crosswalks.

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