North Korea's devastating flood: Should countries send aid despite nuclear controversy?

  • Yes, countries should send aid despite the nuclear controversy.

    Yes, countries should send aid despite the nuclear controversy because it is the humane thing to do. The people are suffering in North Korea in more ways than one and we should not ignore them. The best thing that could ever happen to them is if another government takes over.

  • Help the people

    The government is creating the nuclear controversy in North Korea. Those most affected by the devastating floods have very little to do with the country's politics on a day to day basis. They need help, if we can try to ensure that the aid goes to those who are really suffering, then we should help.

  • No, you're just helping Kim

    We're talking about a country with a totalitarian rule so absolute they outlawed sarcasm. You can't help the people directly, Kim will just take it and find some way to use the resources to continue to develop toward the fulfillment of his repeated threats to nuke South Korea and the US. If you want to help the people you have to do so in opposition to Kim.

    Posted by: SM29
  • No, countries should not send aid because it will never arrive to its intended recipients

    North Korea is a totalitarian nation governed by such excessive force and is thus so impoverished that its destitution can be viewed from space. Unfortunately, as long as its government remains unchanged, any effort that the outside world expends upon helping those in need will be wasted; absorbed into the regime. The nuclear weaponry of North Korea need not even factor into this decision, but it does demonstrate the massive disparity between a government that can build nuclear weapons while it oversees a nation of destitute poverty.

  • Leave them alone.

    No, I do not believe that countries should be sending aid to North Korea. This is not because I don't have sympathy for the people, but it is because their government is so corrupt. If supplies are sent over there, the government will just hoard everything for themselves instead of doing the right thing.

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