Novak Djokovic is struggling in the U.S. Open champion. Will he turn it around?

  • Yes, Novak Djokovic will turn it around.

    Yes, Novak Djokovic will turn it around. Like any sports champion or any sports player, he has the determination and iron will to turn things around. All he has to do is work hard and never give up and he will be able to turn anything around. It's the same for everyone in this world.

  • Yes, he is the best.

    So, the key imponderable in the men’s draw at the beginning of the fortnight remains: can Murray, the Wimbledon and Olympic champion, carry his magnificent summer run into the autumnal conclusion to the grand slam season to knock Djokovic off the top of the world rankings?

    Proof that Murray needs Nadal or Djokovic to be out of sorts to be able to win a grand slam because he's not in their league.

  • Yes, Novak Djokovic will turn around his stuggles

    Novak Djokovic was struggling in the U.S. Open but managed to defeat his opponent from Poland, Jerry Janowicz. Novak had a wrist injury that was being treated and that may explain the reason for his struggles. He called a medical timeout in the fifth game. Novak is a top player and will overcome this struggle.

  • He looks tired

    I don't know if it's because of the Olympics, but in the last match I saw Novak Djokovic looked tired even early in the match. Novak is a fantastic player, but even the best athletes have their limits. Despite physical fitness, sometimes athletes hit a wall mentally because they need a break, and it seems that's where Novak is.

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