Nuclear energy: Is the risk of nuclear energy being used for weapons tolerable?

  • Yolo why shouldnt we

    Why SHOULDNT we have nuclear weapons? There is no reason to dislike nuclear weapons. Anyway I like death, explosions and fire. It excites me in a way few things can. I am sure plenty of people feel the same way about this. I cant see any cause to not use nuclear energy in weapons.

  • Nuclear Energy should never be used in Weapons

    We should never tolerate a country producing nuclear energy for the use in weapons. As seen in past detonations, the power of a nuclear weapon far exceeds the power of any conventional weapon. Nuclear weapons destroy the environment and much more than the intended target. There is no reason for a government to have such a weapon in their arsenal.

  • No, it is not.

    The nuclear energy risk is not tolerable for weapons. The sad fact is that once one country has a crazy nuclear weapon, than the next will feel threatened and do the same. This causes people to think it is ok to simply threaten their weapon whenever a conlfict arises rather than discussing it and finding a solution that works for both parties.

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