• Yes They Are!

    With all the current political situations and Ukraine events, nuclear weapons are necessary in order to keep the peace. It may seem stupid that we have such a powerful device aimed to kill others, but the very fact that we have these destructive weapons means that nobody will ever use them (or so we currently think).

  • Only for asteroid removal

    If nuclear devices are used to knock out or change the trajectory of an incoming asteroid then they're still vital to humanity. Like a gun kept for self defense a nuke could save Earth rather than leading to our demise. Personally I don't own a firearm or plan on owning one. But some situations in life require drastic measurements. We can restrict nukes, dope and guns of course but we cannot scrap them.

  • In an odd sort of way

    The concept of MAD has actually been more successful at preventing large scale conflicts than any attempt at diplomacy, negotiation, or force. They make even the strongest players in the political game think twice about simply resorting to violence against another world power. Without them, the USSR would have conquered Europe and the US would probably have steamrolled all the major world powers that we disagree with afterwards, resulting in a 3rd World War that eclipses the previous ones. Their is a reason why every nuclear armed nation on the planet calls their arsenals "nuclear deterrents".

  • Yes in today's world but probably not tomorrow's

    With only a few countries having access to nuclear weapon, they are an effective deterrent. We have been fortunate that these nations have had the good sense to not use them. The problem is if other countries gain access to nuclear weapons.

    If all countries had nuclear weapons it would not be a deterrent. For example, Country A says Country B "Do not invade us or we will fight back with everything in our arsenal including our nuclear weapons". Country B responds by saying "Thanks for the warning, if you are not willing to join us, we will just destroy you as a warning to the next country we want. Of course we will not be able to use your country, but neither will you. Congratulation, you stopped us. You radar should be detecting our nuclear missiles by now but don't worry about them. The ones we planted in 25 of your government building will detonating in 3 minutes. The missile with be there in 30 minutes. Please enjoy your going away gifts".

    Since we cannot unmake nuclear weapons, lets just hope that we can prevent them from proliferating. Personally, I doubt we we can.

  • You see, the yes's just don't understand

    I debate this kind of topic before, and nobody thrust me, thanks for somebody who create another debate, ok as you can use your logic, nuclear weapons can end the world, because if you even blasted one, the radiation is high enough to spread to the whole city, 100 of them can end half of the world, or worse, let alone 1000 of them, so that is why nuclear weapons are unnecessary, people say using them for peace, no way, there are a lot of ways for peace, like Nelson Mandela, he didn't really need to start a war, also can gain peace.

  • Nuclear weapons are unnecessary

    Feeling the need to kill humans using nuclear weapons for any reason is inhuman. Nuclear weapons create devastation and havoc and with the numbers of refugees increasing due to the conflict in Syria there is no need for nuclear weapons to be used and add to the number of refugees. Nuclear weapons violate all humanitarian laws and they are completely unnecessary

  • What good can come out of nuclear weapons?

    Nuclear weapons will not solve (pardon my language) a damn thing. It sends a negative message: we favor military action over diplomacy. We speak of peace yet we court chaos. If we want to attain peace, war must be a last resort if diplomacy fails. Using nuclear weapons also runs the risk of innocent civilian casualties.

  • No, Nuclear Weapons are not necessary and never have been necessary in our world.

    Nuclear weapons should not have been created in the first place, the destruction that humans can do from those weapons has lead our human values to an all-time low. We should not be proud of having such destructive weapons in our hands. With nuclear weapons, the human race presents itself as race of death and mass destruction, we can never be a race of peace and harmony with those weapons of death, regardless of how one may argue for those weapons.

  • There is no benefit

    The world's leaders would not ever use nuclear weapons unless they have truly gone insane. Using a nuke would, essentially, ensure a MAD (mutually assured destruction). One nuke would be fired, another in retaliation, et cetera. Thus, competent world leaders understand that using nukes is not an option. They should therefore be eliminated completely.

  • We are not mentally and culturally developed to handle our own technological advancement

    There is no real supporting argument pro or contra (even tho my opinion is leaning towards no) since removing nuclear weapons would just create another cold war with everyone trying to get their hands on an even better weapon of mass destruction.

    The issue is with us in the first place. Technology been advancing like mad, but we are the same selfish animals we used to be 10'000 years ago.

  • Nothing is benefited from ultimate destruction

    The development of nuclear warheads becomes a nation's show of strength. A nation perceives that their nuclear warhead might can offer them leverage because of their destructive advantage. We see North Korea, who boasts about their nuclear warfare capabilities, using it as a way to threaten the Western nations if they were to make any moves against them. However, how does a nation actually benefit from using their nuclear arsenal on others. True development of a nation is built on economical relationships with other countries. If the nuclear arsenal is used to completely destroy other nations, then there will be nothing left to build your economic relationship upon, let alone becoming the most hated nation of the world. The use of nuclear warfare will become the nation's own demise.

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