NY, NJ Bombing Suspect Ahmad Rahami Charged With Attempted Murder After Police Shootout: Do you think America should do more to fight ISIS?

  • If America wasn't profiting off of ISIS then yes!

    ISIS is a pretty small movement against some large scale countries with pretty big military. The only reason ISIS hasn't been stopped is a result of the profit countries can make from them selling them guns, weapons etc. As a result the movement lives despite it being destined to fail sadly until everyone stops thinking profit is a main priority ISIS won't be stopped.

  • Yes. Obama is very lazy when it comes to dealing w/ terrorists.

    He has been letting so many terrorists go, and he even stole all of the credit from George Bush for killing Osama Bin Laden. I strongly believe that Obama is Muslim. First, his name is Islamic. Second, he lets terrorists go. If we were truly pounding ISIS with all we have, they would have become WASWAS a long time ago.

  • Land of the free and home of the brave...

    How brave are we if we won't fight a terrorist group that's beheading people for having beliefs that our constitution defines are a right we are born with? We gave freedom and liberty a new meaning with the revolution and give hope to people across the world that seeks a better life. But no, let's just watch radical muslims behead people for their faith.

  • It takes a village

    Yes, America should always be looking for what more they can do to fight ISIS and similar radical hate groups. The problem is that traditional measures are no longer enough. We need to be looking to new ways to use technology and other resources to combat this type of group.

  • It is on our soil.

    The United States should do more to fight ISIS because ISIS is on American soil. No one wants to be the victim of a terror attack. Today, it might be a few pipe bombs that didn't kill anybody. Later, it might be something far more serious that kills a large number of people. We have to stop it while we can.

  • Nope I think it is fine

    There's not really a war these days. I think the world is at peace. There's not much panic in the city I'm in. Where's the distress coming from don't let this get you down. We need a better America everyone. Just carry on with your everyday peaceful lives free from darkness.

  • No, America should not do more to fight ISIS.

    No, America should not do more to fight ISIS because ISIS is fading quickly. In a few years they will not have enough money or people to carry out these attacks. The US should do a better job keeping weapons out of terrorists' hands, but we should not fight overseas.

  • America is doing all it can to fight ISIS

    The United States of America is doing all it can to fight ISIS. The problem is that you can not fight against a person's mind. It's impossible to know when someone has been radicalized by friends or through the internet. It is impossible to stop a lone wolf attacker because they leave no paper trail to find them.

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