Obama approval rating highest since 2012: Do you approve of how Obama is running the United States?

  • Yes, I think he's doing a good job.

    I disagree with some of the things that President Obama has done (or not done), but I can appreciate the job he has done. He seems to be working hard to make progress, and others in the government are working hard to prevent that progress. Overall, he's done fairly well.

  • Yes, I do

    I have no issues with the way he is running the country. I have no major complaints and must say I am rather happy. The country is never going to be perfect so I am not too worried about that. Jobs are there if you want them, a solid education system too.

  • No, I do not approve of how Obama is running the United States.

    Presidential approval ratings polls have very little meaning because polls have been proven wrong numerous times. The level of unhappiness, as evidenced by the 2016 primary elections serve as a better barometer of how the country feels. Many Americans are experiencing stagnant or declining wages, and diminishing economic opportunities. These are the realities of what is really occurring outside the beltway. These economic hardships have occurred during the 8 years that President Obama has been implementing his policies.

  • I do not approve of Obama

    I know times are hard, for any president, to be able to run the United States. There have been many issues in which I believe the situation should have been handled differently by the president. Some examples that come to mind are the dumping of Osama's body into the ocean, and the massive failure that is Obamacare.

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