Obama called the trends on climate change "terrifying." Is climate change the biggest challenge facing society?

  • Yes, climate change is a major challenge for society today.

    Climate change affects the agriculture industry and ultimately the lives of our nationals. We need to have a strong agriculture industry that will be able to provide our basic needs such a shelter, clothes, and more importantly,food. Adverse climate change that leads to situations such a major flooding, droughts, and temperature changes have a significant effect on the water and air quality. This would certainly impact our society's quality of life.

  • Yes, climate change is the biggest challenge.

    Yes, climate change is the biggest challenge facing society today. If we do not take care of our environment, where will we go? Even if the president is able to bring jobs to the United States, how will people continue to work if the earth heats to unbearable temperatures. Climate change must be fixed.

  • No, climate change is not the biggest challenge facing society.

    President Obama is wrong to call climate change the greatest threat facing society. There are far greater threats to society; many of them are urgent. International terrorism is a far greater threat than changing weather. Income inequality and the rise of nationalism throughout the world is a more significant challenge than the climate.

  • Climate change is not society's biggest challenge

    Climate change is not society's biggest challenge. Although it is a major problem that will require a concerted scientific effort among different countries, there is an even bigger challenge. This is nuclear proliferation. Rogue nations such as North Korea could sell the technology to terrorists, which wold mean mass deaths and suffering.

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