Obama calls Dallas shootings ‘a vicious, calculated and despicable attack’: Was this reaction appropriate to the Dallas shootings?

  • Yes, Obamas reaction to the Dallas shootings was in accordance with what is expected from a decent, civil society

    Yes, I absolutely agree with President Obamas reaction to the Dallas shootings. The violence and hateful events that led to the loss of several police officers lives as well as other injuries cannot be condoned in any way if we, as a nation, expect to resolve any problems and live in peace as a decent, mature, civil, and tolerant society. To react in any other way may give people the idea that the government doesn't care and may even give rise to more outbreaks like this with even graver consequences. To speak out against the shootings lets both the US nation and the world know in no uncertain terms that this kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated, is not condoned, will not be supported and that it in no way, shape or form represents the sentiments of his presidency not that of the American people at large.

  • Yes, this is an appropriate reaction.

    This is a prefect description of what the shootings were. Four armed snipers planned an attack that was intended to kill as many people as possible in as short a time as possible. Obama's acknowledgment of how awful these shootings were is exactly the right reaction and is very appropriate.

  • Cop Attack Doesn't Help Systemic Problem

    This reaction was very appropriate because the way to fight against white supremacist ideologies within police departments is not to kill innocent cops. One doesn't know if those are the bad cops who kill unarmed black men or treat black men like criminals. They could actually be the good ones. There needs to be a change in training for police and to make sure there are no questionable backgrounds when hiring people to be police.

  • No, his reaction was not appropriate for the Dallas shootings.

    The president should have issued a much stronger response to the Dallas police shootings. He should unequivocally condemn violent rhetoric and acts against police officers. Furthermore, the president should offer more support to law enforcement; not criticizing everyone for a few bad apples. In short, the president could have offered a more appropriate response to the Dallas shootings.

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