Obama endorses Hillary Clinton: Did he make the correct choice in endorsing Clinton?

  • Obama's endorsement of Hillary Clinton is the right thing for the party

    President Obama's endorsement of Hillary Clinton is the right thing to do for Clinton and the party. While Bernie Sanders made a nice run, he is finished and it is time for democrats to circle the wagons and support Clinton in her quest to destroy the nation as we know it.

  • Obama absolutely should have endorsed Clinton

    Clinton is the very clear successor to Obama, so it makes perfect sense that he would endorse her. What's more, his endorsement carries a lot of weight; who else has worked as closely with her (and against her) as he has? He did wait to endorse her until she became the presumptive nominee, which I think was also a wise decision.

  • She has won the nomination

    I believe that HIllary Clinton winning the Democratic nomination is a great reason for Obama to support her. I think the party needs to all come together now and rally behind her so that their votes are not lost to Trump. I also believe, as Obama said, that Clinton is one of the most qualified people to run this country. She has plenty of experience, and that is something that no one else has.

  • Obama did not make the right choice.

    I think Obama got it extremely wrong with pushing his weight behind Hilary Clinton. In fact, I don't even believe she should be allowed to run. She has some very serious allegations against her, and putting her close to the white house during that is a huge mistake. I honestly think Obama should bring the subject of her FBI investigation up and the people should disqualify her.

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