Obama has linked climate change to national security. Is it in our national interest to become energy independent?

  • Yes, it is in our national interest to become energy independent.

    The United States should make every effort to become energy independent, because doing so is in our vital national interest. The jury is still out on whether climate change is a threat to national security. However, many countries that we buy oil from are not friendly to America. We should not be funding these regimes that have supported terrorism.

  • Yes, because individuals are responsible for climate change

    Yes, we should all think about climate since it affects us daily. It important that politicians and state officials talk about climate matters to awaken the average human mind. An individual is busy with everyday occupations and often doesn't have time to think about climate and nature, but when politicians talk about this matter then we all get the information and start thinking.

  • Energy independence would be great

    Energy independence would be great. I don't think it has that much to do with national security, but perhaps it would make us less likely to make bad deals that benefit other countries more than ourselves. US citizens would be better off voting for candidates that want to make us more independent and strong.

  • Yes, it is our antional interest to become energy independent.

    The United States relies heavily on fossils fuels and other finite resources. Many of these resources come from overseas where we may not have the best relations. Climate change contributes to our increased reliance on these resources, which puts us in danger of: overspending, further damaging our environment, and catastrophe when these resources run out.

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