Obama shortens prison terms for 214 prisoners: Should harshness of drug-related sentencing be re-visited?

  • Absolutely it should.

    It's ridiculous that someone can get life in prison, or 30 years, for any non-violent offense. The war on drugs as a whole has been a failure, but perhaps no more so than the great waste of federal and state resources spent to house inmates for lengthy terms for minor offenses.

  • The War on Drugs is a joke.

    When it comes to the War on Drugs it is all about the numbers. Most of the people in prison are there for non-violent drug offenses and they are incarcerated for insane amounts of time. We need to think more clearly about this and give a proper punishment that fits the crime. It would cut down on endless taxpayer money going to fund the prisons and it would cut down overcrowding in prisons that have become so prominent.

  • Drug-related crimes are still serious.

    Yes, sentencing should be revisited. It is always good to reexamine previous policies and decisions to be sure they are still correct. Much has been said recently about drug-related sentencing being too harsh. It seems like an effort to minimize the seriousness of drug-related crimes. My guess is the outcome will be a finding that current sentencing is correct, but it never hurts to check it out.

  • Prison sentences for drug offenses should be revisited

    Prison sentences for drug offenses should be revisited. Currently, there are many non-violent drug offenders that are sitting in prison. These people were sentenced and are serving overly long prison terms. Treatment would have been the much better option. It clogs the criminal justice system and is less effective in dealing with violent criminals.

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