Obama urges Democrats not to get too confident of Clinton's assured victory: Does any candidate have a more viable chance than Hillary?

  • Hillary Clinton is the clear front runner

    Hillary Clinton is the clear front runner in the presidential race. She leads by a wide margin according to several recent polls. Although many may not be happy with her nomination, third party candidates are polling way behind both her and Trump. Trump continues to say controversial things that are turning off the electorate.

  • While Hillary has the lead for now, Trump is always full of surprises.

    Since the very beginning of the presidential race Trump was viewed as a joke. A lot of people didn't believe that he was even running, but somehow he made it to the top of the republican nominees. Without revealing whether or not I am a Trump supporter, I can say that he has surprised us since the beginning, and may surprise us again. As a business man he is a skilled negotiator and a resourceful person. I believe that Trump does stand a chance against Hillary.

  • No, candidate has a more viable chance of winning than Hillary.

    Hillary Clinton, barring some unforeseen event, will be elected the next president of the United States. No other candidate has as viable path to victory as Hillary. The Democrats began this election cycle with a huge electoral advantage, and the disastrous Trump campaign has only further strengthened Hillary's chances of winning the election. In short, no other candidate has a more viable chance than Hillary.

  • Trump will win.

    I don't think that Clinton has an assured victory at all. Just last week, her poll numbers were way down because of the FBI's report and renewed interested in the Benghazi scandal. I actually think that Trump will take the victory in November. I just wish we had a better candidate than these 2.

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